Making Democracy Work

Make Democracy Work!

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.
THE NEXT LUNCH & LEARN IS JAN. 23RD! Stay tuned for the details available soon.

What's Up At the National League Level?
(Lots actually so keep reading!)

Money in Politics The Money in Politics Committee will conduct an update of the League's position on campaign finance for the purpose of addressing the lack of member understanding and agreement as to whether financing a political campaign is protected speech under the First Amendment. The campaign finance position will be updated through a study and consensus process to consider: (1) the rights of individuals and organizations, under the First Amendment, to express their political views through independent expenditures and the finance of election campaign activities; and (2) how those rights, if any, should be protected and reconciled with the interests set out in the current position

Constitutional Amendment Study The LWV Constitutional Amendment Committee will study the process of amending the U.S. Constitution.

League Opposes FY2015 Omnibus Appropriations Bill (NEW) The League joined coalition partners on a letter to the U.S. House and Senate encouraging them to oppose the FY2015 Omnibus Appropriations bill. The League opposes the legislation because it contains destructive campaign finance provisions that would increase limits on individual contributions to a political party.

Tell the FEC What to do About Citizens United (REMINDER) The Federal Election Commission (FEC), the federal agency in charge of our nation's campaign finance laws, is now receiving public comment about steps they should take "to address corruption in the political process." The FEC can do something to stop the secret money polluting our elections and end coordinated expenditures by outside groups. Take action now to tell the FEC to act and enforce the law.

Opportunity to Attend Commission on the Status of Women Session at United Nations in March 2015 (REMINDER) The fifty-ninth session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) will take place at United Nations Headquarters in New York from 9 to 20 March 2015. Members of the League of Women Voters are invited to attend any or all of the session. We are limited to 20 attendees and registration will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. To register please This year's theme is Beijing +20. The LWVUS will be sponsoring a special panel discussion during the CSW: Women Parliamentarians: Achieving Economic & Social Improvements. Along with our partners (BPW and PPSEAWA), we are working with the governments of Chile, Germany, Philippines and Turkey to host and co-sponsor the event. Additionally, the League will host a reception for our delegation during the first week of the CSW59.


Program Planning is coming Saturday, January 31st! Mark your calendars right now so you don't miss hearing the latest about League Positions -- where the organization stands on issues and what action has been taken to support them. More details will be available soon so keep checking back.


Good attendance by Merced residents with lots of questions and a knowledgeable panel sharing information and responding to the questions made for a worthwhile voter education forum Thursday, October 23rd. Three amazing panelists provided overviews:
  • Cristina Talley, Interim Merced City Attorney, Moderator

    What will Measure T do, what the City settlement agreement includes and why is this on the ballot

  • Matthew Barragan, Staff Attorney/Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund

    The California Voting Rights Act, its purpose and the limitations on the type of districts allowed under the Act; case law regarding district representation; if other types of Council districts meet the requirements of the California Voting Rights Act

  • Jessica Trounstine, PhD, UC Merced Associate Professor, Political Science

    Research on the differences between at-large and district elections and the types of candidates who win; what research says about the policy making under the two systems; polarized voting as it may pertain to Merced.

League member Jana Mowrer introduced the Hmong & Spanish translators, our very efficient and helpful Runners (4 Alpha Gamma Sigma students) and indispensable Question Screeners (League members Chris Bobbitt and Susan Moranda, Community Representative Flip Hassett and Deputy City Attorney Ken Rozell), all of whom contributed to the success of the Forum. A huge thanks to all!

Panelists Audience

AGS StudentsQuestion Screeners